BlackBerry Z10 Full Specification

Blackberry Z10BlackBerry has ditched its trackpad and the extremely popular QWERTY keypad in its first LTE supported BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. It is the first complete touch mobile offering of the company. The company took two years to develop and launch its entirely new platform which actually is the re-engineered, re-designed and re-invented BlackBerry experience. The operating system is entirely different from its predecessors however it supports various apps and features that OS 7 had. Continue reading

BlackBerry Z10 To Hit UK Market Today

Z10-blackberryAnnounced yesterday and today it is set to hit the market of United Kingdom. Research in Motion has announced its first true computer phone BlackBerry Z10 in the launch event of its latest mobile operating system and in the same event the CEO Thorsten Heins declared that the company will now be officially known as BlackBerry. The good news is that BB fans of UK are the first to get the device. Continue reading

BlackBerry 10 Arriving Today!

Blackberry 10In the ever progressing tech world, not every OS and company gets chance to come back. As of today Microsoft is struggling to catch up with Android and iOS, Palm and Symbian have already disappeared from the scene, so we must say that RIM has been lucky enough to get a second chance. The new operating system BlackBerry 10 is set to arrive this evening and there is a lot that we are expecting from it. It in fact has a lot to prove to succeed in the market. Continue reading

Review Blackberry 9790 Bold

Blackberry 9790Research in Motion has almost released all the high end devices with QWERTY keypad and same appearances. The creation of the bold series devices have been purely acclaimed by the customers for the durability and the better performance level. It is showcased with solid build quality that can be experienced by looking at the design and the body of the gadget. The handset has corporate styling and the physical wrapped shed touch that delivers the touch cum hardness of the mobile phone. Continue reading

BlackBerry 9790 Free PlayStation Vita Pay Monthly Deals

BlackBerry‘s latest invention BlackBerry 9790 Deals is now providing Free PS Vita on pay monthly deals. Blackberry 9790 PS Vita is available with large number of features and great quality exteriors. Users will have great experience of working through the device.

Blackberry 9790 Pay Monthly

BlackBerry 9790 Free PlayStation Vita Pay Monthly Deals

BlackBerry 9790 Free PlayStation Vita Pay Monthly Deals

Free Blackberry 9790 is available on Blackberry 9790 Toshiba HD TV, Blackberry 9790 Sony Bravia, Blackberry 9790 Amazon Kindle, Blackberry 9790 Toshiba Laptop, Blackberry 9790 Playstation Vita and many more special offers. Continue reading