Nokia Unleashed Music Application for Windows 8 & Windows RT

The latest news of the time is about the recently unleashed Music application, mainly for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. The report has explained that the company has made the introduction for the first time in the section of PC and Tablet module. It has been studied that this music application had got its previous availability on the line of Nokia Lumia Smartphones.

Nokia Music AppThe app that was launched previous year has been counted to have hundred of free playlists by also proving the ability for the users to create ones own playlists.The customization can be done as per the users preference based on the artists as well as the songs accordingly.

The music app is one of the introductions and the next point is about the Music plus Subscription, which now can be bought for £3.99 per month. This music plus subscription would allow the users to grasp Ultimate Mix Radio Skip with high quality streamlining and best downloading of the music.

Talking about the new Nokia Music App, it has been studied that now apart from smartphones, Windows 8 supportive gadgets and Windows RT devices would also be able to gain the same subscription. In this context, the Nokia’s Head of the Music, Mike Bebel has also stated that the improvement has been expressed strictly by verifying the consumer’s feedback. This report has been studied on the Nokia’s Conversation Blog, where the gist of the said format has been described.

The said service has gained equal reinforce with the better choice of the smartness in the part of Lumia range of devices and delivering the same eco system for the other Windows 8 phones. The Nokia Music soundtrack can be now easy to access anywhere even if you are operating a tablet or PC at home or in office.

The said Nokia Music app is available for downloading from Windows Store in the UK and in other countries like US, Ireland and Australia respectively.

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